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Found in 1994, is one of the web's premier destinations for new and independent filmmakers around the world.

The blog presents posts from a selection of writers. We also accept well-written guest posts on topics relevant to new and independent filmmakers.

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People with cameras shooting a documentary on the street

4 Tips To Help You Begin a Documentary Film

In the Documentary world, it's fairly common to fall into the journalistic route and shoot a "news" piece rath...

Sundance Film Festival marquee

Ultimate Guide to the Sundance Film Festival

Since it's meteoric rise to prominence in the 1990s, the Sundance Film Festival has maintained its position as...

Netflix Post Alliance Logo

Netflix Announces Post Technology Alliance to Help Filmmakers Prep Deliverables

As any filmmaker will attest, one of the biggest hurdles in the last mile to get a film project across the lin...

Blackmagic Follows Apple's Lead and Releases it's own RAW Video Codec

Still photographers have been used to the benefits of shooting in RAW format for many years now. More recentl...

Screenplay Competitions - Are they worth the entry fee?

Over the last few years screenplay competitions have been popping up all over the place. These days there are...

Six Key Areas in Which Film Festivals Need To Up Their Game

Today there are many thousand film festivals run across the globe every year, providing almost limitless oppor...

The Hollywood Reporter Introduces You to 25 Industry Players Who Can Get Indie Films Made

Independent film has always faced a difficult challenge when it comes to financing, arguably more so these day...

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