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Submit an Event

Overview of the submissions process.

The Film Events Directory is a free service to help you promote your film festival or filmmaker event to a wider audience.

Before starting the submissioins process, please review our eligibility criteria.


  • Film-Related - All events must either be film festivals or directly related to filmmaking and filmmakers.
  • Duration - Events must run for 30 days or less. On-going activities are, by definition, not 'events'.
  • Recurring Events - If your event runs multiple times throughout the year, each instance should be submitted as a seperate listing.
  • No Film Premieres - Generally these are of little interest to anyone other than cast & crew/friends & family. However, we do accept premieres where the event include a pre/post-screening panel with recognisable industry figures.
  • Film Festivals - All film festivals must conduct public screenings. Festivals with no public screenings (or 'awards-only' events) are not eligible.
  • No 'Call for Entries' - Please do not post film festival 'call for entries' notices. This directory is for promoting the actual event, not the activities which may lead up to it. Post these notices on our message boards in the Film Festivals group.
  • Screenplay Competitions - Due to the high number of scams, screenplay competitions are not eligible for listing unless they are verifably associated with a government film agency or high-profile company in the media sector.
  • English-Language - Submissions must be in English, regarldess of where the event takes place or the language used during the event itself. This is an English-language site.

Remember, speaks to an international audience, so if your event is for local filmmakers in your area, please include any relevant information about locations, restrictions, etc in the description.

Lastly, all event submissions are moderated by site editors. Submissions that do not meet the elgibility criteria will not appear on the site.