I've written this script or have this great idea for a movie. How do I get it made?

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You're a new writer and you've written a script - how do you get it made? The most honest and realistic answer is, make it yourself. As harsh as that sounds, it is most likely the only chance you have at getting your work produced.

Tens of thousands of scripts are written each year and only a handful are ever made into films by the studios and major production companies. None of the big players will accept unsolicited scripts (ie. scripts you send to them without them asking for it first), so don't waste your time. Major companies are also unlikely to work with unproven talent.

If you are serious about becoming a screenwriter, you should get yourself a good agent and try to join the Writers Guild of America (if you are in the USA). This is the only way you might get your script made other than making it yourself.

In other countries, check out your regional or national film commission (or similar organisation) to find out what support there is for new writers. Many of these organisations can also put you in touch with producers who are willing to look at your work. Such an organisation may be the BFI, European Union MEDIA programme, Telefilm Canada, the Irish Film Board, or Screen Australia.

Last updated 01-Dec-2015

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