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Three Online Colleges that Offer a Degree in Filmmaking

By Rene Williams, posted 9 May 2013

There are a number of excellent opportunities available in the entertainment field. Whether you have an interest in directing, screenwriting, production or a combination of positions, with the correct training and an online degree, you will have the confidence, experience and knowledge required to have a successful entertainment career. There is a vast array of certificate training and degree programs to choose from and most online colleges offer the option for specializations in each program. For example, if you have an interest in earning a bachelorís degree in filmmaking, you could specialize in producing and directing or perhaps cinematography. Here are three of the best online colleges that offer degrees or certificates in entertainment.

Zach Braff, Kickstarter, and Financing Your Film For Free

By Benjamin Craig, posted 7 May 2013

Last week's news that Zach Braff had successfully raised over $2 million via Kickstarter to fund Wish I Was Here, his sophomore outing as a director after 2004's well-received Garden State, got me thinking. Has Zach managed to pull off every producer's dream - funding your film for free?

The Next Greatest Thing of the Movies... Not!

By Robert Gerst, posted 17 April 2013

Catcalls and plaudits for Peter Jackson's 3D HFR (High-Frame-Rate for the technically challenged) version of The Hobbit remind film makers everywhere that people, not machines, create the magic of movies.

3 Tips for Terrific Title Sequences

By Danny Groner, posted 11 April 2013

When making a film of any sort, the time inevitably comes to credit cast and crew... in addition to the end credits, it has become film tradition to also bookend the movie with an opening title sequence. It's your opportunity to capture the audience's attention and set the mood and tone of your creation, all within the first seconds of the film. The title sequence has so much power over audiences that it really should be included in the storyboarding process, and never as an afterthought.

Technicolor Adds Final Cut Pro X Support to Color Assist

By John Snedigar, posted 9 April 2013

In late 2012 Technicolor released Colour Assist, a grading package drawing on the company's multi-decade experience in working with colour in motion pictures. The new version announced today brings with it support for Final Cut Pro X users.

The Roles of a Producer

By Benjamin Craig, posted 8 March 2013

Anyone who watches movies knows that almost every film comes with a gaggle of 'producers'. In addition to the Producer(s), most credit sequences are stacked with titles such as Executive Producer, Associate Producer, Co-Producer, and even Co-Executive Producer. So when any question about 'types of producer' arises, most people jump right in to an explanation of these various jobs. But recently I've noticed that there is a more fundamental lack of understanding of what a producer actual does, particularly with newer filmmakers.

Kodak's 2013 Student Scholarship Program

By Benjamin Craig, posted 8 March 2013

Once mighty Kodak has taken a pretty severe beating of late and while the company has retreated from consumer photography, it remains committed to its presence in the motion picture space. As part of this commitment, Kodak has announced a call for applications for its 2013 student scholarship program.

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