Saturday, 25 October 2014

FEAR ON FILM: Landis, Carpenter, Cronenberg!

Chiller-masters John Landis, John Carpenter, and David Cronenberg chat about selling fear on film in this 1982 interview.

25-Aug-2014  •  Benjamin Craig

Top 10 Most Effective Editing Moments of All Time

Underneath the 'popcorn' commentary is a great list of sequences worthy of a place in a top 10 editing moments list. Well done CineFix.

15-Jul-2014  •  Benjamin Craig

Game of Thrones S04 VFX Reel

A bit of eye candy... Game of Thrones Season 4 VFX reel. It's always interesting to see how real locations and sets can be enhanced with digital elements.

14-Jul-2014  •  Benjamin Craig

Michael Bay and 'Bayham'

The guys at Every Frame a Painting take a close look at the anatomy of a Michael Bay shot. The result is a very interesting watch.

8-Jul-2014  •  Benjamin Craig

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Want You For Project Greenlight

Project Greenlight, a HBO filmmaking reality series which originally aired in the early 2000s is coming back. Using tried and tested reality TV techniques, the series aimed to follow a group a filmmakers as they attempted to take their indie projects from genesis to reality.

27-Jun-2014  •  Benjamin Craig

Voice Over Recording Equipment

Jessica Wight looks at the basic gear you need to get great results recording voiceover or narration for your project.

24-Jun-2014  •  Jessica Wight

Making my first Commercial: A Filmmaker's Diary

How do you go about making a professional commercial within a 5-day timeframe? As a film student (I study at Met Film School in Berlin) I am used to making short films within a limited time and with a small crew, each of us undertaking 2-3 key practical roles to get the production underway.

18-Jun-2014  •  Rusanna Danielian

In the film bookstore this month...

Sundance - A Festival Virgin's Guide

By Benjamin Craig

The ultimate guide to attending the Sundance Film Festival - for filmmakers and film industry professionals.


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