Full Sail University

Address and Contact Details
Full Sail University
3300 University Boulevard
Winter Park, Florida 32792-7429
United States
Tel. +1 407 679 0100
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Courses Offered
Under Graduate Degree (Bachelors), Graduate Degree (Masters)

Formats Used

Editing Systems
Avid (High End), Media 100, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Linear Video Editing Systems

Specialist Programs Available
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Average tuition fees for local students
Greater than 25,000 (in local currency)

Average tuition fees for out of state/international students
Greater than 25,000 (in local currency)

Average age of equipment
Less than 2 years

Are foreign students accepted?

Comments About this School

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Melissa, Current Student, 27-Apr-2012
First of all I have to say I love everything about Full Sail, don't listen to all the hate they get. The hate comes from people who sit ... read more...
Eric, Non-Academic Staff Member, 22-Jan-2010
It is intriguing to see the mentality, demeanor and character of those who disapprove of Full Sail University. The prevailing lack of gramma... read more...
David S, Former Student, 8-Jul-2009
Have you ever been wowed by a trailer only to discover that the actual movie didn't live up to its hype or your expectations? That'... read more...
OnoSheDidnt, Current Student, 28-Mar-2009
This school is really not that great at all, they have great gear but that is it. The instructors don't know how to teach the kids, and ... read more...
CT, Former Student, 23-Dec-2008
Unless you are rich enough that your parents can pay your entire $30,000-$60,000 tuition, Please stay away from this school. You will only ... read more...
NB, Current Student, 6-Apr-2008
Full Sail is not what I expected it to be. First off, some of the teachers are genuinely ignorant and it's a travesty that they teach c... read more...
No hard feelings just honesty , Former Student, 3-Mar-2008
I attended and completed the courses at Full Sail and was one of the top ten students in my class. I completed the courses and thought I was... read more...
Deb, Former Student, 22-May-2007
I went to Full Sail. Then I taught at Full Sail. They are about making money and keeping the little children happy--not about real life and ... read more...
Dean, Current Student, 21-Mar-2007
The school has some really good gear along with some terrible broken stuff that doesn't work. The teachers I have had so far know about... read more...
Scott, Current Student, 27-Mar-2004
If you are an intelligent, ambitious, creative person with a passion for storytelling...do NOT go to Full Sail. Please. Go to a legitimate... read more...
Gavin, Current Student, 12-Feb-2004
Anybody who hated Fullsail will hate the real industry. Fullsail will teach you every thing you need to know to get started in the industry.... read more...
Jim, Former Student, 8-Sep-2002
This school's so called faculty is nothing more than bad wedding videomakers. I know for a fact that they have trained people with zero... read more...
FS graduate, Former Student, 18-Jan-2002
I really enjoyed my time at Full Sail. Dubbed Full Male by some of the students. At the time I attended the school was about 80-90% male. ... read more...
mimregi@yahoo.com, Former Student, 3-Jan-2002
You can get out of this school everything that you put into it. The downside of this is that, because it is a shorter, non-academic-intensi... read more...

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