Brooks Institute

Address and Contact Details
Brooks Institute
Film and Video Production
27 East Cota Street
Santa Barbara, California 93101
United States
Tel. +1 805 585-8000
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Courses Offered
Diploma (3 Years+), Under Graduate Degree (Bachelors), Graduate Degree (Masters)

Formats Used
MiniDV, Pro DV (DVCAM/DVCPRO), HDV, HDCAM/HDTV, 16mm, 35mm

Editing Systems
Final Cut Pro, ProTools

Specialist Programs Available
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Average tuition fees for local students
16,000 - 20,000 (in local currency)

Average tuition fees for out of state/international students
16,000 - 20,000 (in local currency)

Average age of equipment
Less than 2 years

Are foreign students accepted?

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Dale Angell, Faculty Member, 7-May-2009
I know that as a teacher at Brooks, my words here may be seen as nothing more than some plug for the school, and I do love this school, but ... read more...
Flash, Current Student, 7-Apr-2008
I'll tell you what. If you want to be inspired by your teachers, learn independent film making, Direct, Shoot, Edit, and be ready to wor... read more...
A REAL Brooks Student, Former Student, 16-May-2007
Brooks is like most film schools- you get out what you put in. I have good friends that went to NYU and USC and I by far had the most profe... read more...
Jake, Former Student, 27-Oct-2006
Robert Rodriguez said it best, the technical job can always be learned, but the creative one is a thought process that a person is born with... read more...
SomeOne who wanted to go there, Current Student, 15-Jun-2006
Although the program offered in Brooks is good, However the degree is worth NOTHING, a. the BA is only NATIONALLY accredit. Meaning its N... read more...
Ed, Current Student, 8-Feb-2006
Thiis is a very good film school. there are some issues, but its get better and better. Professinaly Its one of the best in the west coa... read more...
Unhappy Brooks Student, Former Student, 23-Jul-2005
Lies, Lies...and more lies. WARNING: DO NOT listen to the lies and propaganda the representatives of Brooks Institute speak. If a $120,000 u... read more...
Brooks Student, Current Student, 3-May-2004
I can not say Brooks Institute is excellent, that would be USC. However, I'm very proud to be enrolled in the Motion Picture program at... read more...
Rob, Former Student, 15-Nov-2003
While Brooks is a good school I would suggest anyone that wants to be a filmmaker (writer/director) to use your time being creative and maki... read more...
Mimi Edilby, Current Student, 1-Jul-2003
Of course there are many other film schools that some might say are better, but if you look at what each school offers, you will come to rea... read more...
Stinky, Non-Academic Staff Member, 4-Jun-2003
I have connections with the school and Brooks offers very good hands on skills that you would need to get a job in the film business. There... read more...
Matthew Hladik, Former Student, 23-Oct-2002
Although Brooks provides good instruction and equipment, the price does not justify the end result. It seems that Brooks is consistently ... read more...

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