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Met Film School

London, United Kingdom

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Ealing Studios
Ealing Green
London, Greater London W5 5EP
United Kingdom

Tel. +44 (0)20 8280 9118
Email. via the contact form

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Courses Offered
Diploma (1 Year), Under Graduate Degree (Bachelors), Short Beginner Courses, Short Professional Courses

Unknown (add info)

Camera Formats Used

Post-Production Systems Used
Final Cut Pro

Average Age of Equipment
2 - 5 years

Reviews of Met Film School

Jacob Zaurht Former Student, 09-May-2011
Too expensive and not worth it! As a former student in both short courses and the BA (degree) I can tell you that the short courses are worth it 100% The BA is not worth it. Fees are expensive $25,000 + per year and you do not get a camera (basic or a MAC BOOK Pro or any software with that money paid like other schools do). Each day costs roughly $175 or more and some days during the BA all you do is watch fims.... errrr thats an expensive day for just watching films. Equipment is not good they keep on promising new cameras. Editing room is the common room where everyone hangs around so basically you can not edit where everyone drinks and eats!!!!! They promised dor a lot of times the RED (4 of them). They bought one and its jsut for their production (metfilm productions). you get it? Metfilm school = $$$$ from students Met Productions = films from students $$ However it has its pros. It is worth it only because of a couple of teachers like Helen McGregor, Chris Bould, David Freeman, Paul Wheeler and Robin Vidgeon. Also teachers are paid peanuts compared to what they are worth. They teach because they love it! Teachers have passion and expertise! Therefore most of the money gets pocketed by the owners of the MetFilm for their productions. Ask current students. No real support for students unless you are one of the favourites. They hate been told they are wrong (office and the heads of school). We have seen our teachers fighting for us, for better resources, support to no avail. It is worth only because of some teachers, apart from that you would do better going to NFTS, London Film School, London Film Academy. Or better else for that money go to the NYFA in LA.
Martine Simmonds Former Student, 10-Sep-2004
I’ve participated on 2 courses. The first ‘script to screen in 8 weeks’ was fantastic. I learnt the basic skills in writing a script, producing a short film, involving auditioning, location scouting, pulling together a crew and then the skills of directing, from storyboarding to shot schedules and technical floorplans. Oh, and I forgot, editing to a first cut edit. Accomplishing all these things in 8 weeks was amazing. You have to go into this course with commitment – it isn’t an easy ride – yet the satisfaction at the end is immense. The second scriptwriting course was a great structure to get me going on writing a second short script which I will be producing. The teachers are passionate professionals, who tell it as it is (which is a gift in itself), and an environment which feels progressive and energetic.
Oliver Gray Former Student, 10-Sep-2004
I really liked the thoroughly practical nature of the Story to Screen course. Challenging assignments are set with strict deadlines, with the overall effect that you don't have time to worry about them - you just have to dive straight in. Experienced professionals hold seminars on all manner of topics, so again, the emphasis is on the practical. And the end product of the course is your very own film, which is not just the greatest learning experience of all but also a palpable achievement. The tutors have a completely non-bullshit approach, which is really necessary on a course as intensive as this one. They also work as something of a double-act, continually challenging and stimulating you to achieve a higher standard in your work than you thought possible. It's fast, intense, exhausting and exhilerating, and I really can't rate the experience highly enough.

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