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Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, United States

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School of Film & Television
7900 Loyola Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90045-8347
United States

Tel. +1 310 338-2700
Email. via the contact form

Are foreign students accepted?

Courses Offered
Under Graduate Degree (Bachelors), Graduate Degree (Masters)

Unknown (add info)

Camera Formats Used
MiniDV, Pro DV (DVCAM/DVCPRO), 16mm, 35mm

Post-Production Systems Used
Avid (High End), Final Cut Pro, ProTools

Average Age of Equipment
Less than 2 years

Reviews of Loyola Marymount University

Current LMU Grad Student Current Student, 03-Dec-2008
I wish I could be writing how much I enjoy this school, but unfortunately I feel the need to make sure others don't make the mistake I made. My first semester of graduate school has been a roller coaster. The start was hectic but any adjustment is. The rest was a nightmare. If you want to be a director, this isn't the school for you. If you want to be an editor, or cinematographer, I highly recommend this program. It's very technical, and as I learned the program really emphasizes these elements instead of directing. You won't work with actors in front of a camera and receive instruction. Instead there will be a small gem of a class (single camera) where you will get to actually use your time efficiently, and the other classes will disappoint. I'm not a negative person, just a realist. Please research before you make life changing decisions, I didn't, and I'm literally paying for it.
SW Former Student, 25-Mar-2004
This school was excellent and comprehensive. Gave great background in film production in the heart of the industry. Awesome internship programs in Hollywood. Many of the teachers are currently successful flimmakers or former filmmakers. Best attributes of school are the number of independent projects with complete creative control of them. Sky is the limit for thesis projects. Great industry contacts led to my current job in development at a major studio. Loyola Marymount is probably the most up-and-coming filmschool in Southern California
Dianne Current Student, 17-Aug-2003
I was free to Direct, Write, Produce, Edit, and D.P. six short films (ON 16MM FILM, NOT VIDEO) before graduating from LMU. The faculty is loaded with experienced pros with cool Hollywood connections. The demographics seemed a bit more snooty and upscale than most L.A. University populations, however. Lots of rich, suburban kids don't make for the most innovative of films -- but if you want, at LMU, you can be as free and innovative as you dream to be without being worried if you're going to be mugged on your way to class. There are Academy Award Winners in the LMU family and Sundance Award winners and Broadway folks. Though Carson Daly the dork, Laura Dern, Tony Bui, Alecia Silverstone, Brian Hegeland and Tom Hanks kid went to LMU, it does not match USC or UCLA in networking. If you want to schmooze your way to the top, it won't happen at LMU unless you back it up with good work. It's easier to schmooze your way to success at the bigger schools. I warn you now that if you choose LMU you will make a lot of films, but the networking is up to you -- to get your foot in the door. No one is there to coddle you and get you "in" without talent. This isn't a school where you can ride the name to success unfortunately. You have to know your stuff.
Brenda Former Student, 12-Jun-2003
I had a GREAT experience at LMU, I believe it is more worthwhile then UCLA and USC combined. Look into it if you want to MAKE and OWN your own films.

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