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Vancouver Film School

Vancouver, Canada

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198 West Hastings Street
Suite 200
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1H2

Tel. +1 604-685-5808
Email. via the contact form

Are foreign students accepted?

Courses Offered
Diploma (1 Year),


Camera Formats Used
MiniDV, Pro DV (DVCAM/DVCPRO), Other,

Post-Production Systems Used
Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, ProTools,

Average Age of Equipment
Not Known

Reviews of Vancouver Film School

Joshua Chisholm Former Student, 26-Feb-2012
First off, I am completely astonished and upset over the information that was told to me by my admissions adviser and shown to me by the VFS marketing department. Do NOT go to this school. It's a complete waste of time. I can honestly say that from personal experience with the school and other students, the Foundation Visual Art & Design, Classical Animation, Digital Character Animation and 3D Animation and Visual Effects programes are complete scams. Go to Digital-Tutors or CG Persia to learn everything. Go get books on animation and get Flash or Toonboom to get into the industy. The indusy doesn't care about a diplomia. VFS lies about their emplyment rate. It's a complete fallacy used to get your money. Beware of this school. Do NOT spend your hard-earned money here. This film school as well as other film schools are complete scams.
Elisa Vera Former Student, 06-May-2010
Vancouver Film School Film Production Program was a waste of my time and money. Well, it is currently a waste of my money. Since I am paying off the massive loan that the VFS Finance/Admin people pressured me into taking out. I will be paying this loan off until I am about ready to retire. It is a monthly reminder of how I wasted a year and how I am wasting $400 a month. Americans should definitely not even consider VFS. First of all, it cost more than twice as much for Americans and when you go to VFS all of the connections you make are in a city that you are not eligible to work in. Now, the teachers are nice people... but not great teachers. They gossip with students about other students, create more drama than the students, treat students disrespectfully (I was sexually harassed by a teacher), they are unprofessional, and I could go on. There are a few good teachers there, who kept me from going insane. The teaching assistants actually do most of the teaching. The teachers do not follow the rules that they themselves preach. The way the program is set up is awful. Another alum so perfectly put it "The 'school' seems to me to be little more than an assembly line, ushering people in and out as quickly as possible, while giving no thought or care to their personal well-being: past present or future. Far greater priority is given to marketing and perception than to the actual quality of the learning experience it provides. VFS is not a school. It is a product. It does not have students or teachers. It has customers and employees." VFS's marketing is full of twisted words, lies, and empty promises. If you want to get into the film industry. You could move to a city with a great film community and start volunteering on indie sets, film festivals, film competitions, etc. You will learn what it takes, get experience, and make connections just as easily (if not better!) than attending VFS. Vancouver Film School is not a school, it is a SCAM.
Dolores Former Student, 28-Jan-2010
I went to VFS, and dropped out a few months after my start date. (Though I can't speak for everyone) The school is run by former students and failed "artists", it would seem. Many teachers were just...Completely unequipped to be teaching. The tuition is outrageous. Consider this: VFS claims that the high tuition is to pay for the cost of film, etc. WELL, one needs to realize that not EVERY person gets to write, direct, or even shoot a movie. Sure, you will on miniDV or digital, but your money will most certainly going towards someone else's project if your project doesn't get voted to be made (and it's the teachers who vote, students have no say). This isn't from my own personal experience, but I saw many students who were shunned by their teachers and peers get stuck with doing sound for three projects in a row. That's fine if you aren't paying the same as the guy who gets to direct three in a row. The school is VERY quick to censor anything sexual or violent- don't plan on making your 'baby' at VFS- they dislike anything subversive or edgy. They also don't hold the reputation they claim to have- film studios in Vancouver see it as a joke for someone to have just graduated from VFS. And fair enough, they pump out new students every month.
David Gudjonsson Former Student, 06-Aug-2004
Very very bad. Alot of people in my class (including me) lost a lot of money there because the school was so bad. Not recommended, stay away. David, Iceland
Jim Norman Current Student, 19-Feb-2004
A great one year intensive program, with a focus on the practical side of making films. Lots of time to work with cameras, direct, edit, art direct and so on. Following this program you could pretty much make your own film (finances permitting) or walk on any set in pretty much any position and get by. I would highly recommend the school. But like any school, you get out of it what you put in. Participate!

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