Rome International Film School

Rome, Italy

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Via del Pantheon 57
Rome, RM 00186

Tel. +39 3661232842
Email. via the contact form

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Courses Offered
Diploma (1 Year), Diploma (1 Year), Diploma (2 Years), Diploma (2 Years), Short Beginner Courses, Short Beginner Courses, Short Professional Courses, Short Professional Courses, Other, Other,

Animation, Animation, Directing (Fiction), Directing (Fiction), Directing (Documentary), Directing (Documentary), Cinematography, Cinematography, Editing, Editing, Producing (Film), Producing (Film), Producing (Television), Producing (Television), Production Design, Production Design, Production Management, Production Management, Screenwriting, Screenwriting, Script Development, Script Development, Sound Design, Sound Design, Sound Recording, Sound Recording, Visual Effects, Visual Effects,

Camera Formats Used
HDV, Pro HD (HDCAM/XDCAM), Pro HD (HDCAM/XDCAM), RED, RED, Arri Alexa, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic, Blackmagic, Other, Other,

Post-Production Systems Used
Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, ProTools, ProTools,

Average Age of Equipment
Less than 2 years

Reviews of Rome International Film School

Emanuela Former Student, 02-Feb-2019
I really suggest Prof. Carl haber’s crash-course in screen writing. I attended that last January, it's an intensive 30 hour course, very clear, well structured, smart, and essential in learning rules to write film. he helps me to focus on problems I had before in the script I wrote. I really recommend it everyone want to learn how to write a good script in an intensive week!
James McNiff Former Student, 17-Jan-2019
I highly recommend Prof. Carl haber’s crash-course in screen writing, an intensive 30 hour course that was well structured and extremely helpful in learning the intricacies of how to write for film.
Nina Former Student, 12-Jan-2019
I participated in a one week crash course in screenwriting just last week. It was well structured, inspiring and fun. Highly recommend it. Can't wait to start writing! Great profesionality and international environment. Thank you RIFS!
Alessandro Coia Former Student, 23-Jun-2018
Had a chance to experience the inaugural one-year program both as a student and as an equipment manager. Great experience, balanced between theory and hands-on between exercises, workshops and proper short movie productions, carefully followed by a competent faculty. In addition, the Roman scene is a total winning point. If you seek for an international warm and active environment to learn and actually do stuff, look no further.
Cyvia Moko Current Student, 13-Jun-2018
Had the time of my life studying at RIFS. Coming from zero knowledge about filmmaking to acting, writing and directing 4 films, and participating in over 15 films, is truly a dream come true for anyone who wants to be a filmmaker. There are experienced professors who'll guide you in every step of the way in a professional learning environment. Great location and, the only English speaking film school in Rome. So, if you're looking to learn and master the skills of storytelling and filmmaking in a historic city, then RIFS is your place!
Avery Baldwin Former Student, 08-Jun-2018
Just finished the inaugural one-year program. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to improve their craft as a storyteller. You're surrounded by insightful professors looking to help you at every turn. The course is fast-paced & rigorous, encouraging the sort of professional hustle it takes to be a successful filmmaker in today's world. Over the course of nine months, I wrote and directed four short films, and worked on over twenty others. By the end, I was much more confident in my ability both as a director and creative collaborator. And of course, it's hard to beat Rome as a place to study film, both because of its rich cinematic history & aesthetic possibilities. The city also plays host to two film festivals in the fall, presenting another opportunity to engage with the professional film world.
Albert Centell Ribas Former Student, 10-Mar-2017
Great Experience. If you are interested in study film in the magic city of Rome, R.I.F.S. is the place to be. Carl Haber is one of the best teacher I’ve had so far, and R.I.F.S. is not the first film school that I’ve been. I’ve coursed two workshops: Screenwriting and directing for actors, both with Carl as a teacher. I’ve learnt so much in one month. Both courses were solid and effective, also the homework help a lot in order to practice the theory learnt in class. Although is a new school, if they keep on teaching like they’re doing it’s about time to be considered one of the best film schools around. Carl has experience in USA and UK, so many things that he teaches are used professionally plus the tips that he constantly give to the students. Overall, It is a great treasure everything that I’ve learnt in R.I.F.S. and I am 100% sure that it is going to be more than useful in my life as a filmmaker.
Parisa Former Student, 25-Feb-2017
After having taken the screenwriting class, I was motivated to take the directing class as well. It was such a perfect decision to make because not every director is able to teach; but Carl Haber is one of those scarce directors who knows how to teach his knowledge and experiences to students; so that, the studetns can make most of the class and his comments. He is kind, constructively critical and eager to help. In case of any further assistance for the term project he doesnt hesitate to help. All in all, I highly suggest his class and think that he helps the students learn a lot!
Shelley Stark Former Student, 16-Feb-2017
My daughter and I took a weekend class on directing actors from Carl Haber. Carl is superbly prepared, has an excellent teaching style well coordinated with slides and handouts. We flew to Rome not knowing what to expect of the course and found ourselves immersed in the topic and smitten on info. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend - surrounded by the beauty of Rome, excellent food, and learning what you love! I can't wait to return for Carl's script writing course.
Francesca Prandi Current Student, 13-Feb-2017
The 5 weeks Master Class Directing Actors with Carl Haber was excellent!! The 5 week directing course went way beyond my expectations, Carl Haber is talented, prepared and an enthusiastic teacher. Day after day I dove into the work so intensely that by the time it was over I so wished it could have continued. He gave us the tools to understand script analysis, firstly as a director with the actors but also from the actors point of view. Carl was able to create a safe, empathetic environment that allowed us to try things out, to experiment. I had the chance to meet wonderful, talented people from all over the world; I am looking forward to keeping on studying with Carl Haber.
Maarten Immink Former Student, 13-Feb-2017
Recently completed the 30-hour Screenwriting course taught by Carl Haber. From the beginning starting with course registration my interaction with the School was highly professional. The course syllabus covered all aspects of screenwriting. Carl is a very effective instructor, and the small class size contributed to intensive interaction among students and with Carl during class. I particularly found the assignments very helpful. My participation in this course has motivated me to continue with screenwriting and definitely with RIFS.
Anthony Souter Current Student, 03-Jan-2017
My recent experience under the wing of Carl has helped me confront the problems of scriptwriting with real solutions. His compact course took us through a journey into the world of cinematic film grammar and articulated the specific points. With on the spot techniques and tricks we were given an insight into character, structure and formatting. All his method is illustrated with examples from the classic films of different genres. Thank you Carl and RIFS. Can’t wait to start the directorial course this month!
Catherine Fentress Former Student, 13-Dec-2016
Did the screenwriting two day workshop. Still at the beginning so some things need to be ironed out but otherwise a great experience!

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