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New Renaissance Florence International Film School

Florence, Italy

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Piazza Republica 5
Florence, Tuscany 50123

Tel. +39 331 888 3350
Email. via the contact form

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Courses Offered
Under Graduate Degree (Bachelors), Graduate Degree (Masters), Short Professional Courses, Short Professional Courses, Other,

Directing (Fiction), Directing (Documentary), Editing, Producing (Film), Screenwriting, Sound Design,

Camera Formats Used
MiniDV, MiniDV, Pro DV (DVCAM/DVCPRO), Pro DV (DVCAM/DVCPRO), HDV, HDV, Pro HD (HDCAM/XDCAM), Pro HD (HDCAM/XDCAM), Analogue (VHS/SVHS/Hi8), Analogue (VHS/SVHS/Hi8), Other, Other,

Post-Production Systems Used
Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Other, Other,

Average Age of Equipment
Less than 2 years

Reviews of New Renaissance Florence International Film School

Miguel T. Cellucci Former Student, 30-Aug-2018
The New Renaissance Film School's program is centered on the principle first re discovered and explored during the 15th and 16th century in Italy. That is, the central role of each man or woman in defining their reality. More than simply teaching established filmmaking techniques, it embraces the totality of the individual as an artist and encourages a novel expression of truth. I found the program both challenging on a personal level but also extremely liberating, as I was able to tap into the source of the conscious and subconscious creation process. This experience for me was a redefinition of the conventional film school.
sabine Current Student, 05-Feb-2014
a total scam. there are no teachers, no film making professors and no other classes. It is all just one lady in her apartment. we paid 20 000 EU and got nothing. as she has her accounts in the USA we will have to take a lawyer on that side of the pond.
Julian Ulrichs Former Student, 18-Apr-2007
Supermarkets are a peculiar place. Here, managers attract customers through a wide range of predevised, tried and tested methodologies. These include; product placement, brash advertisement and slashing prices. A new term is entering the marketing vocabulary. A term that places the emphasis back on the product. Slowly it is becoming a brand in itself, yet it merely represents the process through which the item bearing it’s name came into existence. Organic. When, in October 2006, I shopped around for a film school I very much had my eye on the organic label. The New Renaissance Film school became the obvious choice for me. I was lured by the idea of creating something new and positive through an intuitive process. Through guided interaction with the inspiring artworks of the renaissance, yoga and other meditative exercises, the creator within me was magically awoken. This, coupled with the supportive environment created by both students and staff, I was able to confront my inmost fears and desires and create a vision that surpassed my wildest imagination. I discovered my undiscovered self. Film schools are a peculiar place. What fills them is forever shaped by the spirit of those that open and those that enter it’s doors. In an industry that is concentrating its efforts primarily on cunsumer and marketing opportuities it is comforting to know that there still remains a section, a solace in the midst of countless ailses filled with an ever incereasing amount of “E’s”, one that places its focus on the personal, the human, the organic development of creativity. Judgment is the process through which all humans determine the value of their actions. Artists are no different. Indeed these most sensitive of creatures are oft more susceptible to the crippling effect inflicted by this arbitrary execrcise. Eye Talk was an attempt to confront this dilemma in both process and form. The film was written, shot and edited during a six week intensive film programme at the New Renaissance Film school in Florence, Italy. The first three weeks of the programme were dedicated to the scriptwriting process. Under the guidance of three tutors, I wrote and rewrote the script four times. Each time a number of elements and plotlines were kept, while those that appeared contrived or superfluous were discarded. This was a painful process. The process of releasing myself from the various images and characters that I created was aided by the use of yoga and other meditative exercises. It gave me the ability to evaluate the project in a more objective, less self judgmental manner. The script began it’s life as an exploration of one man’s angry confrontation with God. What it ended up being is a love story. Funnily, it was the only genre that I felt incapable of exploring before I started the programme, a testament to it’s value. Through carefully selected exercises that included; communicating to statues, paintings and deep meditation, the student explores avenues in the infinite depths of his or her own personal psyche. Creating with the aid of pure intuition. The shooting process really forced the intuitive side of me. Without detailed storyboarding or an on set monitor to aid my creative decisions I was forced to handled all shots based purely on feeling. The decision to shoot only with hand held camera supported this choice. Nevertheless, it was a constant battle to accept my intuitive decision as an authoritative guide. The story changed once more in the editing suite and after ten days of being locked away from all social existence it was complete. The project was a challenge. A challenge that forced me to stand-up and begin to believe in what I was creating. The script started with a man’s angry confrontation with God. It has ended with it’s creator understanding a bit more about what it actually means to be burdened with God’s responsibility. I now view it as a burden that can only be carried if one has faith in one’s own ability to respond to the situations that one faces and those about which you have no prior experience are only explorable by utilising your intuition. The process is unpredictable but the result offers what the word promises – inner learning. Julian Ulriches Director of Eye Talk Entered in the Short Film Corner Cannes Film Festival

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