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Rome International Film School (Rome, Italy)

If you are a current or past student of this institution, or a current staff member, you are welcome to leave a review of your experiences at Rome International Film School.

Please review the submission rules before continuing.

Submission Rules

  • Connection to this School - you must have a connection to this school, either as a past or current student, or a current member of staff.
  • Reviews in English - this is an English-language site, so regardless of which country the school is located in, all reviews must be in English.
  • No Rebuttals - the review should focus entirely on your experiences at this institution. Do not comment on other reviews or reviewers.
  • No Questions - this is not a message board or Q&A service for the school or its courses.
  • No Defamatory Comments - you're welcome to write a negative review, but please don't post defamatory comments about individual students or staff members.
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