Baltic Independent Film Festival

29-Jun-2019- 30-Jun-2019. Mechelinki, Poland

Welcome to Baltic Independent Film Festival (BIFF) an event dedicated to independent films of all genres and origins made by filmmakers.

At BIFF, we are looking for films that are pushing the boundaries of filmmaking. If it comes from your soul we want to see it! Our aim is to be an advocate for filmmakers with a vision and to promote their work by showcasing it to a large audience.

The place is amazing!

We will show your film this summer at the Baltic Seaside when massive crowds of people will be in attendance.
Your film will be shown in two places:
At the famous and incredible open air tourist location Mechelinki, Poland (1000 people at one show from all over the world)!
In the cinema, where we'll invite famous artists from the filmmaking community, discuss your film, and filmmaking process.. Amongst others there will be directors,

You and your film can and will be read about by everyone in newspapers, seen on TV, and heard about on the radio. You'll receive tremendous promotion by both BIFF and Facebook.

… and The Grand Prize goes to.. ! The final! 2 days ceremony!

We welcome you! BIFF has major governmental support. Gmina Kosakowo’s and Kosakowo’s Culture Center cooperation will help take this event to a higher level. On the closing day there will be a celebration comprised of a speech by the local Mayor and famous international filmmakers. Followed by a presentation of the winning film selections throughout the world.

Film Festival. Organised by Baltic Independent Film Festival

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