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BREXIT BRIEFING - The obstacles facing the Media & Entertainment industry after the UK-EU divorce

14-Nov-2018. London, United Kingdom

This free-to-attend sponsored session will examine the potential effects of Brexit on the UK M&E industry, how the new landscape will shape the way, and maybe where, you run your business operations and some of the main technical issues your company could encounter in the near future.

What we will cover

Conducting business across the UK-EU border and managing multiple operations in different countries

Country of Origin Broadcast Rules and the European Convention on Transfrontier Television

Moving media assets, finished content, physical media, technology and people between countries

Financial considerations - company scale, CapEx, OpEx, staffing, legal

Day-to-day planning, scheduling, workflow and HR challenges

Your relationships with your suppliers and service providers, particularly on the technical side

Lectures/Talks. Organised by Qumulo / HPE

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