The Craft of the Cut: The Final Cut Pro X Editor's Handbook

By Mark Riley and Marios Chirtou

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The art of professional video editing Although technology is rapidly evolving, it is still complicated to edit video. This unique book not only teaches you the art of professional editing, it also gives you authentic professional experience. You′ll be guided through a typical industry production workflow; you′ll have access to raw footage, including alternate takes of each scene from a professional short film; and you′ll make your own decisions. By the book′s end, you′ll have completed your own version of a film. It′s the perfect primer for aspiring editors who want to ascend to industry–level positions. Immerses you in the actual experience of editing a film, from video rushes to the shooting script and continuity notes Provides actual media, including alternate takes, and you make all the decisions Walks you through the post–production of a professional short film; by the book′s end, you will have acquired the skills to complete your own version of the film Shows you how to use Final Cut Pro X as part of the production process The Craft of the Cut goes deep inside the world of professional video editing and equips you with skills for professional–level editing.

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