New Virtual Film Festival Unites Filmmakers and Film Executives

By Carlton Enoch, posted 30 May 2008

Miramax, Sony, Mandalay, Warner Brothers and other major studios now have instant access to more new film projects than ever before. Why? Film Festival recently launched a brand new website featuring 4 virtual film festivals a year giving film executives access to view thousands of trailers from their office, laptop or cell phone, making it convenient to view new films without ever having to leave their office or home.

Film Festival Academy's virtual film festival is opening the door of opportunity for film makers globally, giving each film maker exposure to film executives no matter where their film is in the jury process. Site visitors vote and comment on their favorite films giving film executives an idea of the marketability of each film.

Out of the general entries, 36 trailers will be selected as Nominees from which 9 Red Carpet Semi-Finalist will be selected. One 1 winner, and a 1st and 2nd runner up will be chosen from the red carpet semi-finalist. Prizes include Distribution Contracts and Production Grants.

Visit for more information.

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