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Start-up Riftlabs Preps 'KICK', a Revolutionary Video/Photo Light

By Benjamin Craig  |  20-Jul-2012

The Kick is a video & photo light like nothing you have ever seen. Some say it is revolutionary. thinks it might be "the future of lighting"!

The KICK boasts amazing light effects and creative features: adjustable color temperature, colored light (any color!), animated light, built-in light effects and streaming of light from existing videos for use in your own video production: You can sample light effects pretty much like you sample music!

KICK is also light weight, affordable, it doesnt generate a lot of heat and it easily fits in your pocket!

KICK is an iPhone accessory (it comes with a free KICK App, with which you can remote control one or more KICK units), but is also an independent light source that helps users take much better pics and make great videos - with smart phones, or with any other camera device.

Learn more and watch the video on Kickstarter:

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