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What if I haven't gone into production yet?

I've gotten a lot of questions lately from filmmakers who haven't gone into production yet with their films, a...

Five Good Producer Skills

You may believe a thorough knowledge of filmmaking and the entertainment industry is enough to make you a goo...

Don't Pay Rate Card!

Paying full rate card for your equipment and consumables is a surefire way of eating up your budget real quick...

Ensuring an Audience and Repaying Investors

Film Distribution is the final frontier in the film production process. Many filmmakers begin production on th...

How To Make A Real Independent Movie

To do anything worthwhile in life is a process and if you put your mind to it you can do it" That's what my da...

What to Do until the Money Arrives

Playing the waiting game is one of the hardest parts of the filmmaking process. Producer Angela Taylor provid...

'A Self-conscious Mise-en-scene' a filmmaking experience

Provides a critical look at the use of mis-en-scene filmmaking in classic and modern Italian films.

Thinking About Distribution Before Starting Production

Provides some insight into distribution considerations early in the film production process.

Working with Actors for Film

Provides information for directors on working with actors during pre-production and on-set.

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