FestBomb - A New Premium Festival Submission Service

By Nick Scipione, posted 25 June 2008

FestBomb.com offers filmmakers the ability to submit to five or ten premium festivals of their choice with the click of a button. We require no sign-up or login from our users, making the process just a few short minutes. From start to finish, the filmmaker selects their choice of festivals, specifies which submission category for each festival, enters contact & film information, uploads optional artwork, and pays through PayPal or by credit card. In addition to a no-nonsense submission experience, Fest Bomb professionally duplicates, packages, and ships each entry - offering filmmakers an attractive, branded submission package and festivals a prompt, safe and organized delivery.

The roster of film festivals available for submission includes: Austin Film Festival; Big Apple Film Festival; Chicago Internatioanl REEL Shorts Festival; Chicago International Film Festival; Cucalorus Film Festival; Eerie Horror Film Festival; Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival; Idaho Film Festival; Miami Short Film Festival; Omaha Film Festival; Renderyard Short Film Festival; Sacramento Horror Film Festival; South Dakota Film Festival; Sundance International Film Festival; Syracuse Film Festival; Tiburon International Film Festival; and Vancouver
International Film Festival.

The above list will change as film festivals both begin and end their call for entries.

Each filmmaker is required to pay all submission fees for each individual festival, plus a small fee based on which package is chosen. The basic plan, which allows for five festivals to be chosen, has a fee of $55 and the premium plan, which allows for ten festivals to be chosen, has a fee of $88. It costs nothing for film festivals to

For more information, visit www.festbomb.com.

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