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San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, July 2012

By Beth Feather, posted 28 June 2012

San Francisco, a world-renowned city for tourists is now the destination for the independent filmmaker. Every July, San Francisco hosts the Frozen Film Festival. Talented individuals from all over the world gather in the Bay Area to exhibit their creations; more importantly, to bond as a community. Founded in 2006, this nonprofit organization strives to be more than just your average showcase of films. Their mission is to melt away the challenges of prejudice, poverty, or lack of confidence that can "freeze" filmmakers. By providing the platform, Frozen Film allows filmmakers and their audience to connect, creating a stronger community of movie enthusiasts.

Independent and avant-garde, the films vary every year. The 2012 lineup involves ex-gagsters, surfers, a look at water quality in Kenya, New Yorkers protesting in the streets, and a love story with a donkey. Yes, a love story with a donkey. And that is just a sampling for what is in store.

Film submissions began in August of last year and were accepted until the end of May. After careful judge consideration, the selected films will be exposed from July 13-15 in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District at the Roxie Theater (3117 16th Street between Valencia and Guerrero). Tickets for screenings are still on sale and can be easily purchased through the link on the festival's website. A list of films as well as times for each can also be found on the site.

Plan Your Trip:

If you are in the area, this event is not one to miss. Getting to the Roxie is convenient by use of the local transportation lines, and affordable public parking is on Hoff Street.

Not from the Bay area? A trip to San Fran should be on your summer to-do list anyway, so make Frozen Film Festival a unique stop on the trip. Hotel reservations can be made via, and affordable flight can be found via Skyscanner.

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